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Hi, we're the Philip Family. We'd love to show you our pictures. Feel free to look through the site, even though this is the prettiest page! Have fun seeing our pictures and don't forget to drop by and see our good friends the Brosnahan's Site!


Hi, I'm Maija. I'm the second coder of this site, read down below for the history. I'm really big on coding now, I've coded so many bad sites and some good ones too. I'd say a lot of good ones, but in comparason, I've learned a lot about coding since my first sites which were really bad. I'm working on a Learn to Code site and a personal blog-ish site. I'm doing the learn to code site, because I want to inspire people to code and I think it's just a cool and fun idea.

I'm gonna talk a little bit about coding because lots of people think they can't do it or it's not for them. Let's start by throwing both those into the trash. You can re-evaluate the second one later. I thought that coding wasn't for me when all I knew was how to do some basic java and python. Also as a younger kid, I had done some breif html, and barely any css. The thing was, as much as my dad tried, I really didn't end up doing that much because I was just too young. I was happy though, and it was fun. Remembering that was the reason that I ended up trying Html and Css, when google sites didn't allow the super cool modern sites that I was seeing all over. It actually wasn't that hard as I leaped into it. Now I bet your thinking, "it wasn't that hard because you already knew some." Well no. All I knew is how to put text on the page. It also helped that I had parents who knew how to open the file on chrome. That was only 2 months ago, now I am coding like a pro and learning everyday.

History of the Site

This site goes through generations, my dad, Tim, made this site 14 years ago when I was born. HintHint: That means his code is really old! I have recently been coding websites: to check that out, go the the Maija! paragraph. Since he hasn't touched the site in 14 years, and I though it was butt ugly, I suggested that I re-cover it. Mom that was a great idea, so I made the site, filled the links, then was ready. Just a quote first though, from me when I saw the orignal code, "This code is going to fail one day, it's so old!" Anyway, there was still one thing wrong. All the text was lorum ispum text. So here I am, filling it out to upload it.


We give you a nice hearty welcome, and hope that you enjoy our site.

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